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Therapy for Men

Are you feeling lost trying to solve problems on your own?

Do you hide your feelings or have trouble identifying exactly what you're feeling?

Is it hard for you to relax because you're juggling too many things?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by not feeling good enough?

Is lack of confidence keeping you stuck?

Are you quick to anger?

Have you been struggling with reaching your potential in your career or relationships?

Do you have trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating, or get frequent headaches?

Does it feel like you're constantly tense?


Having a tough time is totally normal. Unfortunately it doesn't usually feel that way because many people keep their problems hidden. This can make it feel like you're alone in you struggles. 


You don't have to keep hiding your struggles. Therapy for men is incredibly important for helping them stay physically and mentally healthy. You won't be judged in therapy. It's a confidential place to talk about your stress and overwhelm.

As a therapist for men, I can empathize with their challenges and provide practical and efficient help. Need some tools to help you relax? I've got your back. Need to strategize about how to navigate your relationship? Let's unpack the issues and strategize about some ways to approach the problem.

I also help men work through their difficult pasts with EMDR Therapy. EMDR Therapy involves less talking while still getting to the root of the problem. If you're not much of a talker, EMDR might be more appealing to you than regular talk therapy.


If you'd like to hear more about therapy for men and men's issues, reach out today. I'd be happy to schedule a free consultation to see if I may be able to help you. 

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